I really enjoyed the session on Tuesday afternoon, It was so helpful to hear from Jane about the importance of Walsingham and what happens there – it really brought it to life for me.

Thank you again for organising the session and thank you to you and to Jane for a fantastic CPD session.

Helen Horovitz, Feedback following Walsingham -1000 of Pilgrimage event, November 2022

Wonderful free video resource from @ReligiousRC – ‘Teaching Buddhism: Challenging Western Perspectives’ with Dr Robert Bluck. He questions the framing of Buddhism in our curricula and textbooks.

Tweet from Studying Buddhism in the UK (@BuddhistEdu)
I know I am in a great CPD session when my mind starts to fill with fantasy schemes of work that I want to write & teach. Thankyou @ReligiousRC and @Namaste374.
Some brilliant training tonight by @ReligiousRC about @ShrineOLW. Thanks to @Karenza_RRC for hosting. Such a great case study for Primary or Secondary teachers!
Twitter feedback following Walsingham – 1000 of Pilgrimage event, November 2022

Many thanks for a delightful event last night. It was great to hear such a reflective and thought provoking talk in person!

Iain Shaw, RRC member, November 2022

With life being so busy currently I really appreciated the opportunity to join the Codex Sinaiticus to the Lindisfarne Gospels event via Zoom an event I otherwise would have had to missed. When life and work are busy virtual attendance is really helpful and keeps us in touch particularly for those who live a long way from the venues and during the winter months.

The event itself was very good and fascinating. I learnt much and joined up dots, made sense of what I did know. It was well delivered and moved at a good pace. Opportunity for those using Zoom to interact was given throughout. Thank you. I will be looking out for further events.

Jane Algar, RRC member, November 2022

It was a privilege and a pleasure to attend the Codex Sinaiticus to the Lindisfarne Gospels last night. The fact that these books have survived, throughout the ages, and difference times of ruthless rule etc. is in itself, a powerful testament to their intrinsic value. Thank goodness to all the people who have wrote them, carried them, hid them and delivered them to us. And to all the places of solitude, study and craft wherein they homed

Jennifer Meighen, RRC member, November 2022