It was great hearing about pagan worldviews first hand from someone for whom it was personal but who also had an academic grasp on it.

Feedback from Magic as a Worldview event, November 2023

As part of our Remembrance Service this year we used one of topic bags.  In previous years our service has just had a Christian focus.  This year we still had prayers and readings but by using the faith sticks with poppies the children were aware that people of all faith and those of no faith had died in conflicts.  We also used other contents of the bag during lesson time before our service to enhance the children’s understanding of Remembrance Day

Ann Popay, RRC member, November 2023

Deborah and Sean have been very friendly and helpful since I joined the library in May, always welcoming and being open to my numerous book requests. I am new in the area and your resource centre and library has been a real gem of a discovery.

Rev Stuart Dennis, RRC Member, October 2023
Thank you for sharing the link of the discussion you had with Sarah Ruden. It was really insightful. I really appreciated the distinction Sarah makes between the hearing God in the oral tradition and in silence/wilderness outside the city in comparison to the visualising God approach through the reading, imagery and language of text of today.
Lots to reflect on.
Feedback from The Art of Biblical Translation with Sarah Ruden event recording, August 2023
The lecture was amazing and thank you again for taking the time and the trouble to bring together the relevant books to enhance the lecture
Super event thank you – so helpful to have a zoom access
Feedback from From the Codex Sinaiticus to the Lindisfarne Gospels event, April 2023
I loved the mending day and will look out for any other courses you might have going on.
I loved the lovely gentle approach to the course, it was an oasis in what is otherwise a busy time.
Feedback from The Art of Mending event, February 2023