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​’Broken​’​, a BAFTA Award winning ​six part drama written by Jimmy McGovern and starring Sean Bean as a Catholic priest was broadcast on BBC One in 2017.

Three priest friends working in the North East, Bryony, Rebecca and David, agreed that this powerful series programme was the first time they had seen an authentic portrayal of the life of a priest on television: the first time they had seen parishioners like their own grappling with real life issues from poverty to abuse to mental health.

​Inspired, Bryony, Rebecca and David ​went on to develop an easily accessible course ​based on ‘Broken​’. A course that would work for Fr Michael’s congregation (the one featured in the programme)​ and. in turn​, for church communities in Durham and Newcastle Dioceses and beyond.

​Their flexible 6 ​session course work is ​now ​complete. Each session focuses on a theme that is raised by the BBC TV drama Broken. It is possible to undertake the course without watching the drama but the course does complement the series. The course could be used as a confirmation course, a discipleship course or ​it ​would work well in Advent or Lent. Sessions can be used​ as a stand-alone or as part of a series – for example you could choose to just run the session on the power of Holy Communion ​and see where that takes you!

Th​e authors have generously made this course ​FREE to use and share with others​ through the RRC. You can download it here. If you do use it we would love to have your thoughts and comments!

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