What We Offer

What Can We Offer You?


An excellent loan service:

All of our over 37,000 resources are vetted by our staff to ensure they are accurate, of good quality and accessible.

You can borrow most of our on-site resources for a loan period that you determine for up to 3 months.

Our collection reflects our Christian foundation but also the multi-faith communities found in our region.


Unique, Bespoke & Specialist Resources:

We have collections of authentic artefacts, beautifully packed and labelled, for many of the faith communities found in our region.

We have developed (and continue to develop) Topic Boxes on a variety of themes which may used for Religious Education with any of the syllabuses used in the North East. For details search ‘Topic Box’ on the online catalogue. When you find what you’d like, contact us and make a booking – some topic boxes are very popular and may be booked months in advance!

We have created unique resources to tell the stories of St Cuthbert, the Northern Saints, World Christianity and Pentecost and have lots more in the development stage!

Our members drive us forward,. We are developing new resources all the time to meet their needs. When you join the Religious Resources Centre you become part of a network of people working collaboratively for the benefit of all.


An extensive academic theology collection:

We hold and maintain an up-to-date, extensive academic theology library supporting Christian ministerial training and development.  Subjects covered include biblical study, philosophy, ethics, church history and biography. The collection is available to all Religious Resources Centre members including A level students who may borrow for FREE.


ARK – Children’s Club

If you are looking for resources to entertain, stimulate and develop your child’s faith then look no further! We have a vast collection of books, DVDs, soft toys, play sets and much more for children. As a member of our children’s club, ARK, junior members get their own membership card and borrowing rights, a small gift each time they borrow and the opportunity to take part in our ARK activities and competitions. Ark membership is FREE providing the sponsoring adult is already a member.



You can access our networks. We know lots of people in lots of communities, places and organisations. We have over 1,300 borrowing members: many of whom have equal commitment and lots of experience and expertise too. As part of our service we provide unique networking sessions.  These sessions include  RE-Vitalise and Conversations@theRRC: designed to bring our members together for mutual support and professional development.



If you are
• a teacher who would like to develop your subject knowledge or expand the resources you use in school
• a youth leader looking to develop your skills and bring in new approaches
• the co-ordinator of a children’s group in Church who wishes you had more creative ideas and activities to offer?
• the leader of a small group that wants to move their Bible study into more interesting and challenging places
Look no further!

If you lack confidence in what you do, or wish to hone the skills you have, come and see us for a consultation!

Our staff will be able to help you with your religious resource need, no matter how simple or complex. We can offer individual and group sessions. Please let us know what you need and to see how we can support you here.



We have specialist resources on the Holocaust including some unique photographic exhibitions based around the art of Paul Eggleston.‘They’re Only Pictures’ toured venues in the North East (including Sunderland Minster, Durham and Newcastle Cathedrals) and ‘Witness’ has been featured in several schools and Colleges of Higher Education. These exhibitions are FREE to Religious Resources Centre members. For more information please search our online catalogue.


We are Hospitable

At each of our sites you can relax and investigate the resources. You are usually offered a drink if you are staying with us for a length of time. Each site has wi-fi if you’d like to bring your own device but we also have at least one computer available for members.
If you are a group wishing to visit but you can’t come when we are open, contact us here, we may be able to open just for you!


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Ask us. We welcome contact from members who are looking for something we don’t have. If it will be of use to other members and is something that we think we really should have for our stock then we will probably order it in for you and you get to use it first! To make a request for a new resource please contact us here.


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