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  • An excellent loan service. All of our over 37,000 resources are vetted by our staff to ensure they are accurate, of good quality and accessible. Search our catalogue here
  • Extensive academic and practical resources for Religious Education and Theological study, mission and ministry. Our collection reflects our Christian foundation but also the multi-faith communities found in our region.
  • A variety of membership packages and offers See our membership page here
  • Events, courses, training and consultancy – If you lack confidence or expertise in what you do, if you wish to hone the skills you have, come and see us for a consultation! Our staff will be able to help you with your religious resource need, no matter how simple or complex. We can offer individual and group sessions. Please let us know what you need and to see how we can support you here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Ask us. We welcome contact from members who are looking for something we don’t have. If it will be of use to other members and is something that we think we really should have for our stock then we will probably order it in for you and you get to use it first! To make a request for a new resource please contact us here.

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