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The RRC has many friends with whom we work collaboratively. We are thrilled to have such good relationships and happy to support where we can; whether this is by providing resources, expertise, or just sharing knowledge – we are happy to support anything that will add value to our service and your benefit.

Below, you will find podcasts created by others that the RRC has been given permission to use.

Holocaust Marta Josephs Story

Premier have kindly allowed us permission to share with you this podcast. Holocaust Memorial Day’s theme 2018 is: ‘words can make a difference’ and in the podcast Marta Josephs is interviewed about her and her father’s life.

Source: Premier (external website)


Marta Josephs Story (33m 55s).


Asset Based Community Development

Guest blog from Communities Together Durham.
The Revd Mike Mathers visited Durham Diocese in November 2015 to discuss the ministry he had been conducting in his church in the USA. He had used an ‘asset based’ model to develop the skills of those in his church to encourage growth and shared ministry. In this podcast he outlines both his approach and the rewarding results that it allowed.

The work of Communities Together Durham is described here:
Communities Together Durham (external website)


Asset Based Community Development (41m 53s).



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