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The Religious Resources Centre is delighted to work with many experts and specialists across the North East. Sometimes we are able to record their contributions and offer them to a wider audience. Here you will find the RRC’s Podcasts which you may freely download and use for personal or group use – all we ask is that you ensure that the listeners are aware of its origins and the RRC as a service – we can even provide leaflets for distribution.

Should you wish to use this material in any other way please contact us – we are always looking for new ideas!

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Cloud Singh - Sikhism

About this event
Date: 21st July 2017

A warm and charismatic chap, Cloud, shares his knowledge and experience of his faith in Sikhism, in a lighthearted conversation with RRC employee Deborah Logue.

Cloud Singh is a local Sikh, NESS member, and a motorcyclist. Coming from a Jewish and Church of England parental background, Cloud found his faith in Sikhism through religious exploration, sense, and reflection.


Cloud and Deborah’s Discussion (1h 29m 01s). Download a copy here



Kate Tristram - St Aidan

About this event
Date: 31st May 2016

A conversation with Kate Tristram about the life of St Aidan. Revd Canon Kate is a recognised and local authority on the Northern Saints and lives on Lindisfarne. The conversation specifically focused on how St Aidan understood and practiced ‘mission’. St Aidan is a key figure in the Christian story of our region. Kate tells his life story and describes how he sought to engage with the local people and share the Gospel with them. It seeks to offer some historical background for those interested in becoming a ‘Companion of St Aidan’ which is a new ‘mission order’ based in the Diocese of Newcastle – see walkwithaidan.org.uk

Led by Kate Tristram, author of The Story of Holy Island: An Illustrated History (2002), is widely recognised as an authority on Medieval Christianity around the world. In 2000, Kate earned an MSc in Medieval Language and Text from The University of Edinburgh.


Kate Tristram – St Aidan (1h 11m 43s). Download a copy here



Sarah Miller - RE-Vitalise Lectio Divina

About this event
Date: Thursday, 11th February 2016

Rooted in the monastic tradition, Lectio Divina (sacred reading) has been used for centuries as a way of praying with the Scriptures and listening to God with the heart. It is a simple but profound technique that can be used by individuals and groups to enrich prayer, deepen fellowship and listen to God’s voice. In this practical session, Sarah shares her knowledge and experience of Lectio Divina and the group practices the technique.

We have left this as a complete podcast to enable listeners to participate.

Led by Revd Sarah Miller who is Vicar of the parish of Newbiggin Hall, in West Newcastle.


Lectio Divina (1h 24m 14s). Download a copy here



Aaron Lipsey - Examining Judaism and Islam

About the event
Date: Thursday, 28 Jan 2016

Examining Judaism and Islam – An encountering faiths day for teachers of GCSE and A Level Religious Studies. An event orgainsed by the RRC for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

This event was led by Rabbi Aaron Lipsey (in conversation with Karenza Passmore). Aaron is the Jewish Chaplain for Newcastle and Northumbria Universities and the Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation.


Aaron Lipsley Introduction (3m 17s). Download a copy here


What Makes a Jew a Jew? (2m 45s). Download a copy here


Q&A: Joseph and family; liberal and formed groupings of Judaism (9m 17s). Download a copy here


Questions: Judaism reformed and America (2m). Download a copy here


Moses (17m 54s). Download a copy here


Judaism and God (11m 56s). Download a copy here


Judaism, God, and afterlife (8m 3s). Download a copy here


Commandments (6m 18s). Download a copy here


Rules (10m 42s). Download a copy here


Prayer (15m 49s). Download a copy here


Like, Love, God (8m 17s). Download a copy here


Becoming and Rabbi (4m 48s). Download a copy here


Marriage (11m 31s). Download a copy here


Chief Rabbi’s Authority (5m 17s) Download a copy here


Portrayal of Jews in Media (4m 7s). Download a copy here


Israel (11m 26s). Download a copy here


End Credits (1m 18s). Download a copy here



David Bryan - Walking with Jesus

About the event
Date: Tuesday, 10th December 2013

‘Those who use this book for personal or group study are likely to find themselves informed, challenged and enriched in equal measure.’ – Neil Messer, David, Professor of Theology, University of Winchester.

What kind of world did Jesus grow up in? How did he reflect the outlook of his day? What made his message unique? These, and other questions, are the driving force behind the Revd Dr David Bryan’s new book: ‘Jesus, his Home, his Journey, his Challenge. A Companion for Lent and Easter’.

If you’d like to get a sneak peek at some of the books key ideas, learn a little more about David or take part in a conversation about why Christians should care about the context in which Jesus lived and died then come along to our forthcoming Conversation at the Religious Resources Centre.

Led by David Bryan, who is Director of Studies and Tutor for Ordinands at Lindisfarne.


David Bryan – Introduction (3m 8s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – Boundaries (3m 53s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – Contested Land (2m 4s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – On Jesus Healing a Leper – Part 1 (2m 12s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – On Jesus Healing a Leper – Part 2 (1m 43s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – Discussion on Jesus (2m 49s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – Modern Day Israel (2m 37s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – Nabas (2m 15s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – People in Jerusalem (55s). Download a copy here


David Bryan – Who the Books is Meant For (2m 18s). Download a copy here



Jonathan Lawson - Whispers of Encouragement… Young People and Vocations

About this event
Date: Tuesday, 7th January 2014

Following the publication of Jonathan Lawson and Gordon Mursell’s book ‘Hearing the Call, Stories of Young Vocation’ Jonathan will share with us his motivation for writing the book and why he thinks the work that is done with young people around ‘vocation’ is so important and significant. This will, it is hoped, open up a discussion around the nature of vocation, and how we begin to discover what God is calling each of us to be and do.

Jonathan Lawson


Jonathan Lawson – Introduction (1m 36s). Download a copy here


Jonathan Lawson – Naming the talk (2m 3s). Download a copy here


Jonathan Lawson – Sense of what you have done (48s). Download a copy here


Jonathan Lawson – Writing the book (1m 45s). Download a copy here


Jonathan Lawson – Vocation (1m 12s). Download a copy here


Jonathan Lawson – Q1 – How do you get the environment right (1m 33s). Download a copy here


Jonathan Lawson – Q2 – How do you keep doors open (1m 17s). Download a copy here



John Sinclair - Top Ten Tips

About this event

John Sinclair’s Top Ten Tips on local evangelism and mission.

John Sinclair is the Diocesan Advisor in Local Evangelism & Mission.


John Sinclair’s Top Ten Tips (10m). Download a copy here



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