collaboration We know that many of our members have lots of ideas, a wealth of experience and a great deal of expertise to share. Here we offer you some of our services which we hope will allow you to engage with some of that!

Online Discussion Forums

Follow this link to dive straight into the forums or read on for some introductory detail.


School Forums

These forums have been created at the request of our members, with particular attention paid to discussion of Religious Education syllabuses. We hope that you will enjoy them and treat them with the respect that we think they deserve. If you would like to suggest an additional forum that would be of benefit to you and our other members, please let us know here.


We’re Thinking About…

thought balloonThis part of our site offers our members the opportunity to engage with a theme that we have been asked about and that we think is worth spending a little time mulling over.

Each forum will contain an introduction to the topic, some recommended resources and some questions for discussion and debate. These may provide new angles and ideas for you to consider. You may wish to contribute. What do you think about our current topic? What questions do you want to ask? What answers are you seeking?

Topics we have covered include:

    • Art & Religion
    • The Northern Saints
    • Forgiveness
    • Angels


Film and Faith TrainingEvents and Training
This section of the website contains details of all our forthcoming events and training that we’ll be providing, including but not limited to:


If you like to meet people, engage with other people’s experiences and views or explore new ideas you might like to attend a Conversations@theRRC.

These sessions are usually begun by our guest speaker giving a short introduction on the given theme or topic (for example, the problem of evil, how to engage small groups, keeping Holy Week fresh) and then, once we’ve got the conversation going, we open it up to everyone present, explore different responses and points of view, valuing what each attendee brings to the conversation.



RE-Vitalise sessions bring Religious Resources Centre members together to explore a requested theme or topic. The format is generally discussion based and entirely focused on the interests and needs of those present.  Resources relevant to the theme will be available to view and, for members, to borrow on the day. RE-Vitalise sessions are an opportunity to problem solve, re-energise and work with others to share resources, ideas and the wealth of experience of those present.

C Worship 4RE-Vitalise encourages creativity and collaboration. The Religious Resources Centre follows each session by offering all participants an aide mémoire of the items and ideas shared. All RE-Vitalise sessions are FREE. Tea and coffee is provided, please feel free to bring snacks if wished.

“Yesterday was fantastic … I came away enthused!”    Revd Judith Ashurst, RE-Vitalise Holy Week

“At one point when I worked for John Lewis I was in charge of the toy department at Christmas. We had a huge delivery of gorgeous wooden pull along ducks that quacked as they waddled along. The staff had made a great display of the boxes but we weren’t selling many. I suggested that they took them all out of the box and displayed them without any packaging. The whole lot went in a Saturday afternoon. I think that is what RE-Vitalise sessions are all about. Getting the material out of the pages of books, exploring DVD’s, story bags and playing with them until the resource comes to life and you simply can’t leave the ‘shop’ without it!” Revd Caroline Dick


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