James Ballantyne, RRC member
October 2019

Massive commendation to the folks at the @ReligiousRC! A fabulous team, who have two peaceful centres and places to learn, to read and study, do make use of this wonderful gift to the north east!

Phyl Carruthers, RRC member and Lindisfarne College of Theology student
September 2019

Resources which I have found particularly helpful have been the Godly Play bags, which have been used by the children in our church – a really engaging way to pass on the great bible stories! The Pilgrim booklets have also been very much enjoyed by those who have used them, and as a student at LCT having access to the centre either to borrow books and bring them home, or look things up in the library while writing assignments or preparing presentations has been invaluable.

Sue Reilly, RRC member
September 2019

For schools, the RRC is a great resource for books and topic boxes to support RE. It is also a great source for ideas for all-age services, Messy Church and assemblies in schools as well as a great place to research particular topics for teaching (small group, lent course etc), sermons and personal interest.

Jane Scott, RRC member
September 2019

I use the RRC to inspire Messy Church. Using the resources gives people, unused to story telling, lots of confidence.

Ann, RRC member
March 2019

Thank you for restoring my confidence in planning and delivering collective worship on Tuesday! It was very much appreciated!
Thank you to all your team who do such a great job!

North Tyneside SCITT students
January 2019

The RE session provided was brilliant. We were able to gain knowledge of the subject itself and plan lessons in groups which we delivered to the rest of the cohort. I found this extremely useful and took lots of ideas away from it along with a lot more confidence in teaching RE.

Great insights into ways of teaching things I considered restricted, the afternoon was very useful.

Libby Taylor, RRC member
October 2018

Just a note to say how inspiring and useful our visit was with the Early Years staff this afternoon. Thanks so much for organising the display of resources, the room and the refreshements. Everyone took at least one thing away and some were close to being ‘maxed out’ on their cards. Lastly, Sean was fantastic at managing all the staff and their requests. He bent over backwards to ensure people got what they needed.
Thanks again; a very successful ‘training’ afternoon.

Mary Judson, RRC member
‘Broken’: six week course, April 2018

How good is this! Well done!
It was an incredible series and I look forward to finding out about the course. So thank you to those who have so generously produced it

Grace Morgan, PCC secretary
March 2018

On behalf of the PCC of St Mary the Virgin, I write to thank you for your help with our Lent Learning Course this year. The theme of Paddington has been very well received and appreciated by all those attending the house meetings. We have had excellent attendances throughout, with significant feedback on the impact of each of the sessions. Even those who have had some reservations in the beginning about the subject for 2018 have been deeply moved by the message it has given and have found the supporting booklet extremely useful
The PCC is very grateful to all those involved in the preparation of the 2018 course and I have been asked, in particular, to express our appreciation to you for your enthusiasm and guidance.

Kefa Nyakundi , RRC member
March 2018

The RRC is so beneficial to me not only in my ministry but also as a person who likes reading and noting.

Anne Gladstone, RRC member
The 4 Lives of St Cuthbert, February 2018

Thank you SO much for this event! It was utterly absorbing and a really good presentation.

Karenza Passmore, RRC member
The 4 Lives of St Cuthbert, February 2018

This was another fabulous day led by the very gifted Revd John McManners. He presents Cuthbert in his time: the religious, historical, social and geographical world of conflicting faiths, nations and powers. We can learn a huge amount from each of the Four Lives of St Cuthbert and all are relevant to how the church might conduct itself today… how it shares the ‘Good News’ and how it engages with’mission’. Lots to learn and lots to still think about. A really inspirational and encouraging day! Thank you John.

North Tyneside SCITT students
December 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this session, other than it involving RE and I think it was ideal the way we were given a topic to discuss as a group and plan how we would teach it in class, finding and using the resources available. The Resource Centre itself was well laid out and we found it easy to locate resources to support our learning.

I was really impressed at the range of resources and expertise available. Opened my mind a bit to what working in a religious school / academy would be like. Made me think about ways to incorporate little and often into school week – mention of multi-faith key dates / festivals / celebrations etc to build children’s awareness and knowledge.

it really brought RE to life. We were given access to such a range of resources and the opportunity to consider how we could draw upon these items to ensure creative and interactive lessons. I believe it challenged a common view that RE is a simple and straightforward subject and helped everyone to acknowledge the complexity of the area. We were given some useful guidance around the types of information we would need to find out about (schemes/ syllabuses etc) before even beginning to research a topic. I also found it helpful that the session seemed to convey the message that we should not and could not have all the answers and information about RE. Instead it was clear that the Resources Centre was a supportive place which would help us throughout our practice.

Rev Michael Unwin
September 2017

Many thanks for making the book available – it has given me much to think about in spiritual life, every good wish

Jane Scott, RRC member
Saints and Followers: The 12 Disciples of Jesus, August 2017

Thanks for this set – we had an amazing messy church using it! Very attentive children and lots of fun!!

Melanie Wilkinson, Reader in Training
August 2017

A fantastic Resources Centre – with the most helpful library staff I’ve ever come across!

Bev Davies, Licensed Reader
April 2017

The RRC has been so important to my training and ministry development – I couldn’t have done it without you. The Resources Centre opened up whole new worlds.

Frances Dower
Deep Talk, April 2017

DEEP TALK was a very good session. I have used it once so far since.
I had a bag made, purchased the sand and made up my own story of the Ven Bede for a presentation of his life as a monk and his writings. It was very well received so I will use the bag of sand again, both for adults and for Godly Play with children.

Jon Wilkinson
Let’s Talk about Benefits, April 2017

Thanks for putting on the event. I found it really helpful. As a result of the event my church, with the help of Val Barron hosted a public showing of the film ‘I Daniel Blake’ which was well attended by members of our community and folk who come to our breakfast club. There was an animated discussion following the film, and we were able to signpost people to our local food bank, the local credit union which is based on High West Street, and to encourage people to seek help if they have difficulties with computers, either finding access to one, or using one.

Durham PGCE students
March 2017

I felt at ease and able to express myself. It will help me to teach with greater confidence.

I really enjoyed the session, it was very inspiring!

Excellent session! Please more, more, more.

Ellen Omobude, RRC member
February 2017

The resources centre provides exactly what we all are looking for: interesting books that provide inspiration and knowledge throughout the year.
But I think it’s not just a passion for books that plays a role here; it’s more a passion for Christ that makes this happen.
The resources centre has been great. It has assisted me in my studies at Lindisfarne, my placements and personal growth and faith.
Nevertheless, I must admit that at times the centre can appear to be a labyrinth, especially when an assignment deadline draws nearer and you rush in to get those books that hopefully match.
The way out of this situation is simply to ask the staff for a helping hand; they are really great. They have proved to me that they know where everything can be found.
Many books come from all over the world and here it’s within our reach and made available to all. I simply think we should all cherish the existence of the resources centre, and help to maintain it in any way we can.

Helen Wright, 1st Year Reader Trainee
January 2017

The Resource Centre team is an integral part of the confidence-boosting support of the learning process.
Without exception, the team is hospitable, welcoming queries and searches,and thereby helping me approach my assignments and other activities with more confidence. That is also achieved by the complete reliability of the service: resources are ready exactly when promised which is important because it contributes to the effective management of personal learning.

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