The St Hild and St Bede Trust

The St Hild and St Bede Trust was established on the 2nd April 1979.

The objects of the charity are:
The advancement of higher and further education in the area comprising the dioceses of Durham and Newcastle in such ways as the Managing trustees may from time to time determine.

In furthering the object of the charity the managing Trustees shall have regard to:
a) the advancement of education in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of England; and
b) the training needs of students undergoing training as teachers, and particularly of those who are members of the University.

For further information regarding the St Hild and St Bede Trust please contact:
The Clerk
St Hild and St Bede Trust
St Hild and St Bede College
DH1 15Z

The St Hild and St Bede Trust is a member of the Association of Church College Trusts.

The St Hild and St Bede trust supports the following statement issued by the Association for church college trusts regarding the withdrawal of bursaries for the teaching of Religious Educaiton in 2013:

The Association of Church College Trusts wishes to respond to the withdrawal of government bursaries for Religious Education (RE) by ensuring that candidates know how to apply for grants. For 2013-14, trainees in secondary RE could be eligible to apply for a grant towards course expenses or living expenses. Candidates can check the website for details of the trusts and foundations to which they can apply. Applications are welcome from any trainee regardless of religion or belief.

The Association of Church College Trusts was formed in 1979, as a loosely-knit organisation of autonomous Church of England Trusts. In their different ways the Trusts support and promote Religious Education and associated projects. While all the Trusts have an involvement with RE, each has a different emphasis, some have additional priorities and some focus on projects in their own geographical area. Any candidate seeking a grant should check each Trust’s priorities and criteria carefully in order to have the best chance of applying successfully.

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