Our Team

All of our staff are friendly, professional and committed to helping you.

Our Percy Main team includes Colette, Deborah, and Sean. Our Durham team includes Rachel, Simon, and Kate.  But all our staff, including our Director Karenza, will work across both sites and out of hours at other venues if required.

We also have a team of wonderful volunteers who help us develop and fine tune the unique, bespoke resources we develop ourselves.  These fabulous teachers, clergy and advisers include Natalie, Alison, Christine, Elizabeth, Michelle and Heidi. Thank you all!

And last, but not least,

Roll Call of Honour

We have been very fortunate over the years.  The Religious Resources Centre has consistently been served by committed, talented and generally all-round lovely people.

It didn’t feel right to have a page on our team without mentioning those who have, over the years, contributed to making the Religious Resources Centre the success it is today so, with much gratitude, here they are:

Amy, Anne, Catherine, Deidre, Emily D, Emily S, Fiona, Gavin, Helen, Joy, Maureen, Margaret, Mary, Mhairi, Michelle S, Michelle W, Patricia, Penny, Peter, Sara, Stephanie and Tim.

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